Choosing the right vets in Paphos

When it comes to finding the right vet in Paphos for your veterinary needs, it is often at a time when you are in dire need for a pet care provider right here and now.

Of course many of our clients have simply learned about your reputation through word of mouth, either way you will need to know that the vets practice that you use is of the highest standards and offers affordability blended with quality and care.

Quality of veterinary care

Here at the Surgery of Dr Yiannis Kyriakou, one of the leading Vets in Paphos we care about all your needs and your pets.

We have glowing recommendation from all our clients and we offer the highest quality care 24/7.

So why not consider taking your pet to our clinic when you are next in need of our veterinary services and let the experts take good care of your pet.

We look forward to seeing you soon!