Consultations – Health Check


Consultations – Health Check

Here at our quality veterinary centre in Paphos, we provide a compassionate and caring service for all small animals and endeavour to provide continuity of care with the vet and the client/pet wherever possible. This enables a good relationship between the vet, client and pet and also allows the vet to monitor accurately the progress of the pet.

Consultations are arranged by appointment for your convenience. A wide range of appointment times are available throughout the week and also on Saturdays. Contact us to check times and availability.

An appointment system is used to reduce your waiting time. It also allows you to plan your time effectively. Routine appointments are approximately 15 minutes long.

Certain procedures require a longer period of time and the nurse on reception will arrange this accordingly and allocate a time that is convenient for you.

Please make sure that if you have an emergency that the nurse on reception knows the situation so that she can arrange a time for you to be seen as soon as possible.