In-House Laboratory

In-House Laboratory

In-House Laboratory

When you need a quality laboratory for your pets in Paphos, please contact the leading vets in Paphos.

We have invested in the latest Idexx equipment for our laboratory. We can carry out the following tests:

General Health Profile: This tests the function of major organs and allows to monitor early indicators of disease, and to diagnose problems with your pet’s health.

Haematology: This test provides us with an in-depth picture of your pet’s red and white blood cells. Conditions such as infection or anaemia can be diagnosed quickly and accurately.

Endocrinology: We are equipped with the latest Idexx Snapshot DX and can carry out a series of Endocrinology test for your pet.
Phenobarbital testing: In case your pet is receiving anti-epileptic we can accurately measure phenobarbital levels in minutes, for monitoring and timely adjustments during patient visits.

With our own equipment we can access the results on the same day, and with modern technology the results are transferred immediately the tests are completed unto the pet’s record card.

We also have links with a lot of our external laboratory providers which avoids delay in the notification of the results of pending blood tests. These results can be transferred unto our computers, giving instant access.

With the latest technology we have access to vital information to assist us in the diagnosis of your pet’s condition. This instant access to these results allows us to treat your animal without delay and give your pet the best opportunity to make a full recovery.